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Computer Repair

Blue PC is your computer tech in the south south-west portion of the Twin Cities, providing dependable computer services is our success. Our technical services include laptop and desktop computer system repair, hardware repair, and computer upgrades. We service both desktop tower PCs and laptop computers, making Blue PC your choice for computer repair everytime you need complete technical computer services.

We are your one-stop shop for laptop screen replacement, power jack repair, memory (RAM) or processor (CPU) upgrades, as well as all other hardware, software, operating system upgrades and software upgrades. Call Blue PC today to schedule a "carry in" time so our computer tech can get working on it!

  • PC & Laptop Repair
    Complete Part Repair, Screens, Keyboards, USB, Power/Batteries, Fans, Motherboard, Processors, Drives, Etc
  • Memory Modifications
    Memory (RAM), Processor (CPU) Upgrades / Repair
  • Operating System
    Optimize, File Backups, Complete Restores, Upgrades, Software, Reinstall
  • Virus Damage
    Clear Virus Remnants, Optimizing, System Restore, File Backups, Operating System Reinstall, Software Install
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