Blue Pc Electronic Repair
Electronic Repair

Electronic Repair

Blue PC does electronic repair in the south south-west portion of the Twin Cities, providing dependable electronic repair services for most aspects of electronic devices and circuit boards. Our technical services include power repair, hardware replacement, and motherboard replacement. We service most items that have power, circuits or controls such as switches or digital buttons. We are your one-stop shop for small to large electronic devices or appliances in regards to all electronic circuit component replacement, as well as any other hardware. Some items we repair lcd tvs, led tvs, plasma tvs, projection tvs, dlp tvs, projectors, stereos, home theatres, dvd players, cd players, blu-ray players, amplifiers, tuners, equalizers, turntables, cassette decks, vcrs, dvd-vcr combo, remote controls, speakers, sound bars, sub-woofers and more. Call Blue PC today to schedule a "carry in" time to drop it off!

  • Electronic Repair
    Fix Power Issues, Part Replacement, Cleaning
  • Power Surge Damage
    Analyze, Determine Needs
  • Water Damage
    Analyze, Cleaning, Hardware Replacement
  • Electronic Products
    Determine Needs, Product Understanding, Purchase Help
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