Data Recovery
Computer Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Blue PC is your data recovery service tech in the Twin Cities for file system errors, system crashes, or hard drive failure. Our expert data recovery technicians will get back all those precious files that are lost or corrupted. Whether your system crashed, your hard drive is making loud noises, or you just need more space for file storage, we can solve any type of data situation. We take pride being your one-stop shop for all your data recovery, backup, and transfer services. From recovering your lost or deleted files, transfering files from one computer to another, or installing reliable data backup solutions, we do it all. Call Blue PC today to schedule a time to drop off the item you need data recovered from!

  • Hard Drive Repair
    Optmization, Repair, New Install
  • Lost, Deleted Files
    Find, Restore, Back Up
  • Increase Storage
    Optimize Files, Replace Existing Drive, Install Additional Drive
  • Data Transfer
    Computer To Computer, Back Up, Free Up Space
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